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Being an Earthian comes with responsibility

Your little act of self-initiative can have a significant
positive impact. Here’s how we can accomplish that.
Environmental Consulting Company in India

Your role in the future of our planet

Neutralising your carbon footprint can do more to fight climate change than anything.

By hacking the economic system, we can create a better future for ourselves,
our families, and the entire globe.
If done correctly, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

So, what sets us apart

Effortless. We stand by the notion that to amplify environmentalism, one needn’t undergo a complete transformation—it can be imperfect and still be perfectly impactful. You don’t have to embody the ideal environmentalist to effect change.
It all began with a simple question—What’s that one thing you can’t sacrifice or start doing that could contribute to saving the planet?
With us, your uncomplicated efforts can fuel transportation with electricity, revolutionize industries, and generate clean, renewable energy. Making a difference, to us, outweighs making empty promises.
It’s about ‘Converting every action into climate action’, even if it’s a bit imperfect.
Simple. We exclusively work in areas that actively combat global warming.
With us, your simple effort can help electrify transport, reinvent industries and generate clean, renewable energy.
For us, making a difference is more important than making hollow promises.

Our Vision

At Myplan8, we envision a world where every individual and organization seamlessly integrates sustainability into their daily lives and operations. We aspire to be the catalyst for a global movement towards responsible living and corporate practices.

Our vision is to empower people to make impactful contributions to environmental well-being effortlessly. Through innovative solutions, education, and collective action, we strive to create a planet where sustainability is not just a choice but a way of life, ensuring a brighter and greener future for generations to come

India's first-of-its-kind Carbon Calculator

We are the first to offer a digital carbon calculator in addition to the standard paper versions.

UNFCCC Standard Framework

We have used one of the most prestigious frameworks to devise our carbon calculator. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is a global body to help with carbon standards and clean development mechanism.

Verified by Industry Expert

Dr. Priyadarshini Karve (Ph.D. in Physics, Pune University, 1998), and her team verified our calculator. Dr. Karve studies decentralised renewable energy, sustainable urbanisation, and climate literacy. She founded Samuchit Enviro Tech and serves on environmental boards.

Where your ideals and our values come together

What’s good for the world shouldn’t conflict with what’s right for you. Using the most effective strategies, we help you reduce your carbon footprint.

You don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle in order to help the environment.

At Myplan8, we understand that impactful change is born at the intersection of shared ideals and common values. It’s where your commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with our core values of fostering a greener, more sustainable world.

Our platform is not just a service; it’s a collaborative journey where your environmental aspirations find resonance. Together, we transform intentions into tangible actions, working towards a shared vision of a planet that thrives on collective responsibility and conscious living.

Let’s embark on this sustainable journey together, where your ideals and our values converge for a brighter, eco-conscious future.

Data-driven and plugged into the latest technology

Utilising a wealth of climate-related data, we uncover the top performers
and adjust our approach to keep pace with the times and display the
amount of CO2 you’re offsetting and more in our app.

Keep an eye on your impact and get badges

We are searching for self-aware users that value even the tiniest of contributions and want to receive monthly reports on the good impact you have had on the world around you.