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Understanding Carbon Footprint & Carbon Offsetting

What is carbon footprint?
Carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from a person’s or organisation’s activities (e.g., building, corporation, country, etc.). It includes both direct emissions, like the ones that come from burning fossil fuels in manufacturing, heating, and transportation, and indirect emissions, like the ones that come from making the electricity that goes into making the goods and services that people buy. Also, the idea of a “carbon footprint” often includes the release of other greenhouse gases like methane, nitrous oxide, or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

The idea of a carbon footprint is related to and grew out of the concept of an ecological footprint, which was first thought of in the early 1990s at the University of British Columbia by Canadian ecologist William Rees and Swiss-born regional planner Mathis Wackernagel. An ecological footprint is a total land needed to support a population or activity. It includes how much water is used, and land used to grow food. On the other hand, a carbon footprint is usually given as a weight, like tonnes of CO2 or CO2 equivalents per year.
How much average carbon footprint is generated by humans?
Carbon footprints aren’t the same as a country’s reported emissions per person (for example, those reported under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). Instead of the greenhouse gas emissions that come from making something, carbon footprints look at the greenhouse gas emissions that come from using it. They include the emissions from goods that are brought into a country but were made somewhere else. They also usually include the emissions from international shipping and transportation, which are not included in standard national inventories. Because of this, a country’s carbon footprint can grow even if its carbon emissions go down.

The United States has the largest carbon footprint per person. According to the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center and the United Nations Development Programme, the average American had a carbon footprint of 20.6 metric tonnes (22.7 short tonnes) of CO2 equivalent in 2004, which was five to seven times the average for the rest of the world. Averages vary widely around the world, but people living in developed countries tend to have bigger footprints. For example, France’s carbon footprint per person in the same year was 6.0 metric tonnes (6.6 short tonnes), while Brazil and India’s were 1.8 metric tonnes (about 2 short tonnes), respectively. Even though digital use is growing, the countries haven’t added to their indirect carbon footprints because of digital use in the data.
How can I calculate my carbon footprint?

No matter how modest or extravagant one’s lifestyle, everyone impacts global warming (energy consumption, activities carried out, etc.). Individuals may do their part to combat climate change by learning how to measure their carbon footprint as a first step.

The Personal Carbon Footprint by Mypln8 aims to quantify the extent to which an individual’s actions harm the environment. Based on this estimate’s results, you can adjust your energy use and consumption patterns to lessen your influence on the environment.

Multiple variables must be considered to arrive at an accurate estimate of your annual carbon footprint. Travelling by vehicle, bus, metro, or bicycle daily, as well as by aircraft or train for special occasions. The size of the home, the number of people living there, the number of appliances they use, and the amount of energy they consume all play a role.

It’s essential to consider several variables when figuring out your carbon footprint, including:

Personal or household greenhouse gas emissions, sometimes known as “direct emissions,” are entirely under the individual’s (fuel consumption of their vehicles, fossil fuels consumed by home heating systems).

Emissions that are not directly produced by the individual but rather result from their actions are called indirect emissions (manufacture of goods and services consumed by households).

Human activities contribute mainly to the release of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), water vapour (H2O), nitrous oxide (N2O), and ozone (O3) as greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (O3), the amount of energy utilised, the heating system, things that people buy and use regularly, like food and garbage disposal, etc.

To know your carbon footprint using Myplan8 Carbon Calculator – CLICK HERE to install the App.

How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

While much work remains to be done to achieve climate goals, we can all do our part by cutting back on emissions. The following are some things to think about:

Transport: Walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation instead of a car to reduce your environmental impact. Carpooling is better for the environment than driving alone, and if you must drive alone, go down and enjoy the scenery.
One of the fastest-growing sources of CO2 emissions worldwide is air travel; thus, avoiding it; if at all possible, is a good idea. If you must take a flight, it may be worthwhile to offset your carbon footprint.

Food: Try to cut back on the reduction of meat and other animal products.
Reduce your impact on the environment by eating foods that travel shorter distances. Organic garbage should be recycled or composted, allowing the disposal of organic waste to be sustainable.

Water use: Don’t run empty loads through the washer or dishwasher.
Cover your pans and only boil as much water as you need. You can save the cold water from the beginning of your shower to use on your plants.

Waste management: When an item has reached the end of its useful life, it should be recycled instead of being away. This includes reducing the amount you need, reusing it as often as possible, and giving it a new user if necessary. Reusing grocery bags instead of requesting fresh ones from stores helps reduce waste. Always select items with minimal packaging to save waste and save money.

Energy usage: Reduce your home’s temperature by 1 degree Celsius to save 5-10 per cent on your energy bills and pollution. Programme your energy devices so that they’re on only while you’re in mind that you don’t necessarily need to set your refrigerator to its coldest setting and that you probably don’t need to place your wateplaceeater’s thermostat higher than 50 degrees Celsius. Remove the cable from your phone’s charging port. Even when disconnected from the phone, it continues to use power.

Switch off: Please switch when you don’t need them and use energy-saving lights such as LED.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a method of mitigating your personal environmental effect by offsetting it against emissions made by other people or organisations worldwide. This method makes sense for individuals only after they have taken steps to reduce their CO2 emissions.

Not only does offsetting your CO2 emissions help in the fight against climate change, but it also gives you the option to consider switching to renewable energy.

Reducing one’s carbon footprint requires the action of carbon offsetting:
Even if you do everything you can to eliminate your own carbon footprint, some greenhouse gas emissions will still enter the atmosphere. Carbon offsetting allows for the funding and implementation of initiatives to cut emissions or sequester carbon, such as tree-planting initiatives, which absorb carbon dioxide.

With the Myplan8, we are giving options to be linked with projects that will allow our customers of funding certified organisations PAN India to counteract all or some of their CO2 emissions.

India is a developing country with one of the world’s largest populations and the third-highest pollution rates. Through these projects and initiatives, Myplan8 hopes to have an immediate impact by channelling funds toward environmental initiatives in India and beyond. WithMyplan8, we will be adding more initiatives so customers have a large option to offset the carbon footprint.

What are the various ways of offsetting my carbon footprint?

While the United Nations (UN) has defined 17 ways of creating sustainability, we at Myplan8 have identified the 6 climatic Megatrends for the next 30 years which will thrive – green energy, clean mobility, clean technology, sustainable food, circular economy, and water systems. The trends are in sync with the Paris Agreement target of net-zero emissions by 2050 requires $6.5 trillion a year.

Is stopping climate change really possible?

Of course, climate change is a complicated issue requiring various approaches. Both – limiting our actions and supporting environmentally friendly climate solutions are essential.

But to be more specific, there are a few primary ways in which nature-based solutions might aid in the fight against the climate crisis:

1. Awareness on the individual level on their contribution to carbon emission.
2. Enabling on an individual level with the power of carbon offsetting and creating a sustainable environment.
3. Additional carbon capture and storage, along with current carbon storage
4. Lowering Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) emissions caused by land use changes
5.. Increasing the robustness of ecosystems and social systems

Can I remove more carbon than I produce?

Should you even bother to ask? Of course, you can! The more carbon you wish to remove from the environment, the better off you will be; you will be a true climate champion.

What is climate positive?

In order to be climate positive, you must offset the amount of carbon dioxide gas you release into the atmosphere. Amazing, right? This, however, is not an instantaneous procedure. Protecting and fostering the expansion of natural capital is essential if these resources serve as carbon sequestration for the foreseeable future.
At Myplan8, we feel this can be a fantastic way to have a rewarding present for such champs and a great future that we can gift as a legacy to our generations.

How being carbon positive be fruitful for me?

Being carbon positive has been coined as confusion by people across the world. Being climate positive means that you as an individual took the required step over and beyond neutralising your carbon footprint.
Like anything positive in life, this indeed will also bring a good impact, both on nature and on you. The world is in shortage of carbon neutralising and being net zero emission, in such case climate positive individuals will become a rare asset.

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About myplan8

How Myplan8 can help me with my carbon footprint information?

Myplan8 has created a proprietary calculator which helps you evaluate your carbon footprint. You can start with our 7 basic questions on our App (DOWNLOAD THE APP). If you want a detailed calculation for your family and you on each aspect of your lifestyle, you can register with us on our App and find a detailed questionnaire on the following 7 categories:

1. Travel
2. Food
3. Home – Water &Energy Usage
4. Waste Management
5. Pets
6. Lifestyle and Shopping
7. Digital Usage

Myplan8 is the first in India to provide the digital usage impact regarding carbon emission and footprint calculation.

Who is KRNY Innovations?

Myplan8 is an appointed representative of the parent company KRNY Innovations Pvt. Ltd., an organisation that has been approved and registered.
KRNY Innovation is also responsible for all digital assets and copyrights for the Myplan8 brand. A custodian’s job is to keep customer assets safe, so they don’t get stolen, lost, or used in ways they weren’t meant to be.

How do I register with Myplan8?

Registering with Myplan8 is a simple 3 steps process:

1. Download the Myplan8 App from Google Play Store or Apple Store
2. Participate using 7 basic questions to get your Carbon Footprint
3. To get the report and to further know your carbon footprint impact in each category, register using your info- Email or social login, Name and Location


With this, you will become part of a community of fellow Earthians who care about the planet.
You will be directed to your dashboard, and with your participation in each category, you will be able to know your actual impact. Plus, you will earn badges and certificates for each positive action, certifying you to be the change we need for the betterment of Earth.
GET THE APP now and start your journey.

What are the 3 basic steps of neutralising carbon?

The 3 simple and basic steps of neutralising carbon are:

1. TRACK – using an effortless method of monitoring one’s carbon footprint.
You can see the full scope of your lifestyle, digital footprint and other environmental impacts with the help of our carbon tracking technology at Myplan8.

2. REDUCE – your overall effect by taking small steps over time.
Myplan8 encourages involvement in what’s important to you by revealing your changes’ positive effects on others and the world around you—allowing for a more eco-friendly future to emerge.

3. OFFSET – Lessen Your Impact On The Environment
You will be provided with a selection of alternatives to choose from. Start your road to zero carbon footprint using any of Myplan8’s carefully curated solutions.

Start your climate impact journey with Myplan8 today – GET THE APP

Does my calculation cover my family members?

Well, the questionnaire linked to the calculator does ask about your home and the number of people you have residing. The idea is to help you understand your contribution plus your family’s contribution to carbon emission. Now the different individuals in the family will have their behaviour patterns. To get better data for your family and individuals, you will get an option to share the Myplan8 Carbon calculator with them. You can offset for you as an individual and also for your family’s impact.

To Know more and to experience this, GET THE MYPLAN8 APP TODAY!

Is Myplan8 a charity?

No, we’re the appointed representative on behalf of the company KRNY Innovations Private Limited & a registered social enterprise. With the climate crisis getting worse, we need to be able to raise money and grow our team so that we can help more and more people join the natural revolution.

What is the revenue model of Myplan8?

My plan8 is currently on the freemium model. The carbon calculation is free of cost, and the offsetting options available are registered and certified, which can be chosen by the user at their will. We will help them by enabling them to contribute to them. Users will be at an advantage with us as they will know their impact, which is our primary goal; get tips and articles to help them reduce their impact and offset at will in the options they want. We are the Green Initiators and want more and more people to be aware of the climate impact.

How does the carbon calculator works?

Our proprietary carbon calculator evaluates the 7 major aspects of your life. Our app has a set of 7 basic questions that are a good place to begin (DOWNLOAD THE APP).
Register with us on our App to find a comprehensive questionnaire covering the following 7 areas, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive estimate for you and your family on every facet of your lifestyle:

1. Travel
2. Food
3. Home – Water &Energy Usage
4. Waste Management
5. Pets
6. Lifestyle and Shopping
7. Digital Usage

Myplan8 is the first app in India to calculate the environmental effects of digital consumption in terms of carbon emissions and footprints.

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Data and Security

Can I change or edit my data at any given time?

Sure, you have the freedom to change your input at any given time. However, we at Myplan8 believe that your lifestyle and daily impact behaviour will not be modified overnight. You should, though, make a change if you drive or experience any significant change in your lifestyle.

Do you have web App?

We currently only have an app for mobile devices (available for both Apple and Android users).

Is my data secure with Myplan8?

Myplan8 believes you should protect, control, and be aware of how we use your personal information. We only use your data for its intended purpose and have strong access control and encryption.

We’ve taken these steps to protect your privacy and data:

1) We’ll protect your data
Myplan8 protects user data. We use in-house security processes and cutting-edge technology to protect our systems and audit our data regularly.

2) We work with industry leaders.
We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage our cloud infrastructure according to AWS Well-Architected Framework. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage our cloud infrastructure according to AWS Well-Architected Framework.

3) Security and privacy best practises
Authenticated encryption protects data. Bishop Fox, a Google Partner, audits our security.

4) Regulations
We’re SEBI-registered. Family office managers/advisors are NDA-bound. You can remove the Family Office manager/advisor by emailing

5) Follow Best practises
i) Don’t share OTP!
ii) Always lock your phones with PINs, fingerprints, or TouchID.
iii) Report phishing emails and texts

6) Troubleshooting
If you find any issues affecting Myplan8 users’ data security or privacy, please email so we can fix them.

Can I delete my data at any given time?

Sure you can! Your data is subjected to your willingness to be part of the Myplan8 group of Earthians. At any given point, you can disable and deactivate your account. You will get 30 days to resume the report if you want to change your mind, after which your account and data will be deleted.

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Offsetting Projects

Are the projects listed verified?

We only select initiatives from India’s most effective climate solutions. For the execution and tracking of projects, we have developed stringent criteria and protocols.

In addition, all of our initiatives must meet the highest international quality standards and provide at least three additional benefits to their local communities that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These include eradicating destitution, protecting endangered species, fostering female entrepreneurship, and expanding access to healthcare and education.

Will I get any proof of offsetting and sustainability?

Definitely, we believe in gratifying our fellow Earthians for their initiation and every step they take. Myplan8 will assign you a transaction receipt with the required details, and You will earn Green Credit™ (trade and exchange worthy carbon credits) as a gratification from us to motivate you for a positive impact regularly. We will share your carbon footprint versus offsetting, showcasing whether you are carbon neutralised, positive or negative. Also, you will receive a certificate from all your offsetting initiatives.

Can climate change can be stopped alone with carbon offsetting?

There is no singular solution to stop climate change; it will require innovation, commitment, and action from all of us. Carbon offsetting is a significant component of this conundrum.

While political regulation and renewable technology innovations can take decades to implement, offsetting enables you to remove your carbon footprint from the earth. straight away. This is a significant advantage, and it is the reason why Myplan8 begins with this point before discussing additional methods to reduce your carbon footprint.

We urge the Myplan8 Users to adopt climate-friendly behaviours and to support political action to combat climate change. We must pursue short-term and long-term solutions that render our societies carbon-neutral on all fronts.

How are Myplan8 Offsetting Projects are creating a bigger positive impact?

Myplan8 has curated offsetting projects basis the different issues faced by humanity due to climate change. Planting tree is a natural choice but just by planting trees we can not create a bigger impact on climate change. Reforestation, water level restoration, prevention of soil corrosion, avoiding air pollution, protecting biodiversity, protecting mountains and rivers, eco-tourism and farmlands and creating a balance between humans and other lifeforms are to be addressed. We amplify your positive impact by selecting the projects which can directly impact these concerns and plant native trees which create a much larger biodiversity and ecological impact.

Does offsetting drive behaviour which prevails in climate damage?

In fact, the opposite is correct. Research shows that people who take steps to reduce their carbon footprint also make other positive environmental choices. It stands to reason that one would want a cause to succeed in which they had a personal investment.

I have done carbon offsetting or have an ongoing plan. Can I change by offsetting plan?

You can always adjust the plan as needed.

You can make adjustments to your carbon footprint to reflect changes in your lifestyle or to gain more insight into your footprint calculation by going to the Reduce tab, scrolling down to your footprint summary, and tapping on one of your lifestyle areas (Travel, Diet, Mobility, Consumption, Home).

After recalculating your carbon footprint, if you want you can modify your offset plant by upgrading it to a higher package. Or you can stop your current plan and start a new plan as per your requirement. The next billing cycle will begin once you click the confirm button.

To make any necessary changes to your offsetting efficiency, simply go to the Offset Tab and click on your subscription. So simple!

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Green Credits™

What are Green Credits™?

The Green Credits™ are an assured reward to the users of the Myplan8 App who take any kind of positive action, primarily through subscription to Myplan8’s curated offsetting projects.

Whenever a user of the Myplan8 App does an action resulting in carbon offsetting through the curated subscription plans. It is given to the user as a reward to create a positive impact and build positive action affirmation through our ecosystem in the form of the Green Credits™.

How I can earn Green Credits™?
  1. Green Credits™ will be allocated in fractional units as per the action taken and the impact of the same as per Myplan8’s proprietary ‘Positive Impact Valuation’.
  2. Green Credits™ are linked to carbon credits which are registered under a carbon registry and tradeable in voluntary carbon exchange/market.
  3. Myplan8 is the key account holder and the depositor of these carbon credits.
  4. Myplan8 assures the 100% exchange settlement of these credits after accumulating an adequate amount of credits and all rights to buyback these credits from users are currently reserved with Myplan8.
How I can redeem my earned Green Credits™?
  1. Any allocated Green Credit™ to a user account will become eligible for buyback either post 3 months of allocation or if the user attains a minimum of 10 Green Credits™.
  2. Any and every redemption of the Green Credits™ will be done directly to your provided bank account.
  3. The value at which Green Credit™ will be redeemed will be as per the value in the Myplan8 app which is as per the last trade value & exchange value of the dollar.
  4. Myplan8 will not charge any fee for a repository of your Green Credits™, any and every profit or loss on the assigned credit will be credited to the user only. Myplan8 is only taking 100% responsibility to enable the trade and exchange as needed by the user meeting the set criteria.


What is a Brand Card?
A brand card bought on Myplan8 is a shopping card that works like a pre-paid brand instrument that you can use at any time to buy goods from that brand. Different brands have different expiration dates, but once they are given, they can’t be returned or canceled.
Is a brand card similar to a gift voucher or gift card?
Any shopping card bought through the Myplan8 app is called a “Brand Card” by us. You can use brand cards as either a gift voucher or a gift card, based on the brand you’re redeeming them for. You can use them to buy anything you want, whenever you want.
How can I purchase a brand card on Myplan8?
Simply go to the app’s “Shop” section and pick out the brand you want to buy a card for. After entering the amount you want to exchange it for, click “Continue,” and then pay the rest of the amount using UPI, Credit, Debit, or your Green Credit Balance. All done! Your brand card is now ready to be used.
What details will the brand card have?
When you buy a brand card on Myplan8, it comes with all the necessary information to make a purchase from that brand, like the Shopping Amount, Card Number, PIN, and its Validity.
Where can I access the brand card purchased on Myplan8?
In the app, go to “Shop” and click on “View All Cards” and then “My Cards” to see all the brand cards you’ve bought. All of your brand cards will show up next to the names you bought them for.
What is the Green Shoppers?
Myplan8 has put together the shop section for you by including both your favorite brands with lower emissions and hand-picked green and sustainable brands that are better for the earth. You can find these brands under “Green Shopper,” and when you buy them, you get more Green Credit.
How can I shop from brands under Green Shoppers?
There are special discount deals available on Myplan8 for these green brands, you can redeem the discount coupon and when you use our app to purchase them, you will be redirected to official partnership pages of the individual companies.
What are the brands present on Myplan8 and where Can I see them?

Myplan8 gives you access to more than 150 of the best lifestyle brands in a wide range of areas. We chose Green and Sustainable.

Zomato, BigBasket, BlinkIt, Myntra, Nykaa, Ajio, Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Uber, MakeMyTrip, PVR, BookMyShow, Decathlon, and many more are well-known lifestyle brands.We have a lot of green names, such as Bare Necessities, Brown Living, Bunko Junko, Soothe Earth, Almitra Sustainable, and more.

You can see a list of all the brands that the Myplan8 app has in the “Shop” part. You can either click on “View All Brands” or “Search” to find individual brands.

What are the categories present on Myplan8?
Now you can shop from 150+ top lifestyle brands and 20+ green brands at any time on Myplan8. You can shop from all the main categories, like electronics, fashion, food and drinks, groceries, travel, beauty and skin care, jewelry, entertainment, movies, furniture, lifestyle, and more. Whatever you need, we have it! The list is getting longer…
How can I purchase from the brand via Myplan8?
1.For top lifestyle brands:
Select the brand you want to shop from on the app’s “Shop” section and buy a brand card for that brand on Myplan8. You can pay the rest of the amount using UPI, a credit or bank card, or your Green Credit Balance. You can now use your brand card. From the brand’s app, you can add it to their wallet or use it to buy things straight on their website or in some stores. The Myplan8 app shows how to use each brand card and the terms and conditions for each cards
2.For green brands under Green Shoppers:
There are special discount deals available on Myplan8 for these green brands, you can redeem the discount coupon and when you use our app to purchase them, you will be redirected to official partnership pages of the individual companies.
What if the purchase amount is more/less than the brand card amount?
1. For top lifestyle brands:
You can still use your brand card even if the item costs more than the amount on the card. You can pay the difference at the store with a card, cash, or UPI. However, if the item’s price is less than the amount on your brand card, the difference will stay on your card and can be used again whenever you need to buy something.
2. For green brands under Green Shoppers:
Once you claim the coupon on the Myplan8 app for the green brand, you can visit the link to the brand and reach the partner site/app of the brand, select your desired items and use the coupon while the payment on the brands portal. The exclusive deal will be extended to you and this can not be clubbed with any other ongoing offers.
Can I claim warranty, refunds, etc. on purchased items?
When you use a brand card to buy something, the brand will take care of all of your questions about the goods, the warranty, and refunds. There are different rules for each brand about how to use their brand cards and what the terms and conditions are. To find out more, click on a particular brand and then on Terms & Conditions before you buy a brand card. This will take you to the T&Cs for that brand.
Can I still avail existing merchant-level discounts available at the time of purchase?
1. For top lifestyle brands:
Absolutely, brand cards purchased on Myplan8 can be used on top of existing merchant-level discounts or offers. You can avail any brand specific offers or discounts on the product over and above your brand card discount and get the best of both worlds. It’s a win-win!
2. For green brands under Green Shoppers:
The exclusive deal will be extended to you and this can not be clubbed with any other ongoing offers.
Can I claim warranty, refunds, etc. on purchased items?
Certainly not! It’s free to use Myplan8, and we don’t charge you anything when you do anything on your account, like adding money to your Myplan8 Wallet, buying a brand card, or taking money out to your bank account.
Will I be charged a convenience fee or any other fees for transactions made through Myplan8?
Certainly not! Myplan8 is an employee engagement app which drives sustainability. Our “Shop & Community” Sections have been curated specially for corporate subscription employees. At Myplan8 we don’t charge anything to the users when you do anything on your account, like supporting an Initiative, adding credit to your Gren Credit Balance, buying a brand card, claiming a green brand offer or offsetting. You are only charged if you want to build an independent community of your own, for which you have to connect with our Earth Support Officer at
What do I do if money gets debited but the transaction fails?
In this case, we ask that you please wait three to four hours, as there may be short delays due to network connectivity or service problems on the payment portal or our partner banks. But if you still don’t see the amount after 3–4 hours, please call Myplan8 Support at, and we will help you fix the problem. If the payment doesn’t go through, though, the money will be sent back to the account that sent the money within two to three working days.
Why am I not getting transaction details on my SMS or email?
We kindly ask that you wait three to four hours and then check back. We will also send push notifications and in-app notifications for all activities if you prefer. Talk to Myplan8 Support through our Feedback section or email us at if you haven’t gotten any proof yet. Our team will help you right away.
Do I earn Green Credit on all my purchases?
As you are choosing to reduce your emissions by choosing to buy with brand cards from Myplan8 or making a green purchase from our Green Shoppers of hand-picked brands, you every purchase leads to reward in the form of Green Credits.
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Green Score™

What is Green Score™?

The Green Score™ is a proprietary and patented intelligence developed by Myplan8. It is a numerical evaluation of a person’s performance in regard to their sustainable practices and can be used to assess a person’s effects on the economy, society, and environment.

It is a unique and easy way to identify the overall sustainability impact. For a simpler understanding, it is something like what credit score-like does in the financial sector evaluating a person’s credibility for lending products and asset creation.

Like a credit score, the Green Score™ helps to identify the value created by an individual by supporting an eco-conscious lifestyle. This help amplifies and resonate the climate action in individuals resulting in a greener and better environment.

How low or high my Green Score™ can be?

The Green Score™ lies between 300 and 900.

Overall, the score is categorized into six parts, as mentioned below: 300–400: bad; 400–500: poor; 500–600: average; 600–700: good; 700–800: very good; and 800-900: excellent.

It is expected to have a minimum Green Score™ of 550. Anything less than that requires a huge shift in their behaviour to make the environment better. A score between 550 and 750 indicates using some minor consumption and eco-friendly alternatives to create a higher impact. A higher Green Score™ is better. A higher score denotes that the person is more environmentally friendly.

Scores above 750 are for the most eco-conscious people. 750+ scored people should focus more on maintaining their present behaviour to accelerate the positive environmental impact. They are the real ambassadors of the community, influencing others and multiplying positivity for future generations.

What are the parameters for the Green Score™?

Fundamentally, the Green Score™ is calculated based on consumer lifestyles and behaviours.
Myplan8 defined eight different categories to identify one’s behavioural impact. The 8 categories are water usage, energy usage, digital usage, waste, pets, food habits, travel patterns and annual spending on different lifestyle aspects like shopping, medicine, books, electronics, and more.

Our intelligence system can mark the severity of those categories and behaviour patterns and determine the seriousness of the behavioural impact. After that evaluation, we use a proprietary list of products to calculate the carbon footprint and run our smart algorithm to calculate the exclusive score. The score changes whenever the system tracks any kind of action by any user.

One of the most important parameters is the impact of positive actions taken by the individuals either to adapt to the reduction of impact or neutralise it by offsetting it with us or from outside.

How is the Green Score™ calculated for an individual?

Myplan8’s team has studied different global reports and developed a severity meter for every category. Every severity meter has an optimum point for measurement.

We have developed a proprietary intelligence to evaluate individual’s positive and negative impact and the basis of their impact on various aspects of lifestyle has given it a score.

After the category-based impact calculation, the system can identify the type and weight of the severity. That also helps to measure the overall Green Score™.

Why do I need to know my Green Score™?

Green Score™ is a unique and measurable way to identify the overall impact on the environment of any actions taken by any individual. The Green Score™ conveys a consistent and quantifiable method of assessing sustainability performance, which can assist consumers or other stakeholders in making judgments about the person they are evaluating.

A “Green Score™” is the simplest and unique way available to evaluate one’s behaviour toward the environment. It is unique and the only such tool globally which has been technologically developed and patented by Myplan8.

There will be prompts and nudges which will suggest changing some actions or lifestyle adaptations to maintain a sustainable future. Understanding this score and your elaborate report helps an individual to understand the reason and severity behind their current actions and the positive impact which can be gained by the suggested alternative behaviour.

How does my carbon footprint impact my Green Score™?
Your carbon footprint can be the direct implication of your consumption behaviour in any of the 8 lifestyle-linked categories. The higher carbon footprint in any category reflects the negligence and overconsumption by an individual. This can help us understand the severity level of the emissions by the particular individual and give them an alternative to taking proper actions to help build a better Green Score™.
What is the importance of the Green Score™?

Having a good Green Score™ means the person is an excellent eco-conscious lifestyle. So, as a reward for that, a good Green Score™ holder can unlock several offers to get the required products at a low cost. At present, having a good score will also help users get additional Green Credit™, which is equivalent to real money and can be redeemed for a direct cash reward.

Also, in the future, having a good Green Score™ will add additional value to the consumer’s profile, which can help to get benefits in education, career, finance or government initiatives.

How can I improve my Green Score™?

The most important for evaluating your Green Score™is that you answer the questions honestly, without any manipulation. Provide access or consent to the system so that the system can automatically fetch the required information from different sources to create a genuine and better Green Score™. Every time you log in to the Myplan8 App you will get pointers to take the next action to improve your score.

Post-calculation, you can visit the Green Score™ Details page to understand the analysis and required actions to make the score better. The detailed report shows areas of improvement and immediate actions to be taken.

Overall, users can visit our ‘reduce’ section and read several tips from different categories to understand the alternative steps to reduce the negative impact generated.

Offsetting will create the biggest positive impact. One can start offsetting the carbon footprint by subscribing to our offset plans, starting with Rs. 3 per day. Refer the Myplan8 app to others and ask them to take some actions to create a multiplier effect. Start using Myplan8’s exclusive Green Money Card™ for any spending to create a lesser negative environmental impact.

Is Myplan8 the only entity providing Green Score™?
Green Score™ is a proprietary & patented intelligence of Myplan8. Globally, Myplan8 is the only one with this intelligence.
What is the authenticity of Green Score™?

The authenticity of the Green Score™ is directly linked to the credibility and accuracy of the data and methodology used.

To ensure the authenticity of a Green Score™, we use a comprehensive and standardised methodology that is widely accepted, recognized, and vetted by industry experts. This methodology takes into account all the relevant information related to environmental, social, and economic factors, and the entire mechanism is covered under a global patent.

All the basic data is used from different research papers and credible sources to calculate the score, such as government reports, independent third-party assessments, and company disclosures. All data are verified for accuracy and completeness purposes, and if any assumptions or estimates are made, they are clearly disclosed.

Furthermore, all the basic data and information are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changing standards and new information. This helps to ensure that the score remains relevant and meaningful over time.

In summary, Myplan8’s Green Score is completely based on the credibility and accuracy of the methodology and data used, as well as the transparency and regular review of the scoring system.