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Fighting climate change is not easy. However, according to UNEP if 1 billion out of 8 billion people adopt eco-friendly behaviors in their daily lives, global carbon emissions could reduce by about 20%. We’re here to make it easy!

A seamless

While your employees our gamified app for their lifestyle adaptation you can drive ESG inclusion and reporting with ease

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at your fingertips

Understanding what is carbon footprint, is only the start of journey. Go beyond with por proprietary tech and intelligence and get personalised strategy to help the environment.


Get your Green Score™, experience of propeietary intelligence a step beyond traditional carbon footprint calculators and understand the both positive & negative impacts of your lifestyle.


With Deeds take pledges and participate in live initiatives. Learn to make lifestyle choices with highest carbon impact and Enjoy unique deals on top Green Brands and lessen your lifestyle's effect.


Offset the carbon footprint you can't reduce yet, by supporting high quality and certified carbon offsetting peojects across 'Bharat' and start your net-zero journey.


It is impossible to fight climate change alone, multiply your impact by joining your Community and claiming your corporate initiatives. Add your family & friends and multiply your impact further.

Global Standard

Abhinav Kushwaha

Star Rating
June , 2023

Amazing and mind blowing app Very good app

Ayon Chowdhury

Star Rating
August , 2023

Excellent measuring technique.I would recommend everyone to use this app.

Beda Choudhary

Star Rating
February , 2023

I have explored the app now, I just wanted to say that the platform is amazing! Thank you for your ideas and efforts, the world really needs teams like you!Much love and best wishes for your raging success…

Dipannita Chakraborty

Star Rating
June , 2023

Good initiative especially during a time when we are facing an environmental crisis. With the green score we can make ourselves aware of how we are contributing towards a better planet!

Prashant B

Star Rating
August , 2023

App has user friendly interface. An effective app features to track individual or household carbon emissions.

Prashant Ghag

Star Rating
August , 2023

Excellent thought for a greener environment.

Riya Bisht

Star Rating
August , 2023
Nice app Must use this !!!

Shivakar Kushwaha

Star Rating
August , 2023

The app is truly unique. The scoring mechanism is like looking in a mirror. I travel often due to work and my flights are creating a negative impact which has impacted my Green Score. The offsetting options are great.

Khyati Mehta

Star Rating
September , 2023

Great app and the concept of green score is truly unique and interesting. Love it!

Experience the change

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Track With Green Score™

Take this unique test either manually or link your account for automatic spending. Understand your lifestyle and spending and how does it impacts the environment.

Reduce with Deeds

Take positive action by choosing daily, weekly and monthly pledges, be the part of initiatives in your city or support initiatives across the country.

Offset what you can't reduce

To help stop or reduce carbon emissions, support climate measures based on science. Our projects are all either Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard approved.

Great Offers. Greener Brands

Reduce the environmental effect of your daily life while saving money and getting reduced impact on your favorite brands. Take advantage of our special offers from the top Green Brands and switch to better lifestyle.

Get rewarded for positive actions

Earn Green Credits, India's first climate currency tokenised and linked to a green block-chain. This easily redeemable currency is creadited to your for evey positice action.

Engage your employees get ESG Advantage

Build a community of employees through this unique engagement and rewards platform with a green twist. Get personalised dashboard, actionable insights, reports for ESG inclusion, initiative participation and much more in just one app.

We've made NEWS

Myplan8 and its core team have been covered by some of the top news and media houses.

Myplan8 is different

Our choices are guided by what will have the most positive effect on the environment. That’s why:

We're a commercial Company and not a NGO

We've zero greenwashing tolerance

We've don't support greenhushing

We're 100% transparent how we invest money

Opt sustainability as your second NATURE

Positive impact is just a click away