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Understand the Science Behind the Green Score™

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Key Takeaways

  • The Green Score™ is a proprietary and patented intelligence developed by Myplan8.
  • Overall, the score is categorized into six parts, as mentioned below: 300–400: bad; 400–500: poor; 500–600: average; 600–700: good; 700–800: very good; and 800-900: excellent.
  • A "Green Score™" is the simplest and unique way available to evaluate one’s behaviour toward the environment. It is unique and the only such tool globally which has been technologically developed and patented by Myplan8.
The only score to evaluate whether your lifestyle is environment friendly or not - Green Score™

In today’s world, environmental sustainability has become a pressing concern. Individuals are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their ecological footprint and contribute to a greener future. To aid in this effort, Myplan8 has developed a unique and patented intelligence called Green Score™. This blog post will delve into the concept of Green Score™, its significance, and how it can guide individuals in adopting more sustainable practices.

What is Green Score™?
Green Score™ is an exclusive intelligence system created and developed by Myplan8. It assesses an individual’s sustainable practices and measures their impact on the economy, society, and environment. Similar to a credit score’s role in evaluating financial credibility, Green Score™ provides a simplified understanding of an individual’s overall sustainability impact.

Understanding Green Score™ Ranges:
The Green Score™ ranges from 300 to 900 and is categorized into six parts:
Bad (300–400),
Poor (400–500),
Average (500–600),
Good (600–700),
Very good (700–800), and
Excellent (800–900).
A minimum score of 550 is expected, indicating the need for significant behaviour shifts to improve one’s environmental impact. Scores between 550 and 750 suggest adopting minor consumption and eco-friendly alternatives to create a greater positive impact. Higher Green Scores™ signify a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Parameters Considered in Green Score™ Calculation:
The Green Score™ is primarily calculated based on an individual’s consumer lifestyles and behaviours. Myplan8 identifies eight key categories: water usage, energy usage, digital usage, waste, pets, food habits, travel patterns, and annual spending across various lifestyle aspects. These categories help evaluate the severity of an individual’s impact, which is then quantified using a proprietary algorithm and a list of products to calculate the carbon footprint.

Calculating Your Green Score™:
Myplan8’s team has extensively studied global reports and developed severity meters for each category. By evaluating the positive and negative impacts of various lifestyle aspects, the system generates an individual’s Green Score™. The severity and weight of each category’s impact are considered, leading to the final Green Score™ calculation.

Importance of Knowing Your Green Score™:
The Green Score™ offers a unique and measurable way to evaluate the environmental impact of an individual’s actions. It provides a consistent and quantifiable method for assessing sustainability performance, enabling consumers and stakeholders to make informed judgments. Understanding your Green Score™ and the accompanying detailed report allows you to comprehend the reasons behind your current actions and the positive impact that can be achieved through suggested alternative behaviours.

The Impact of Carbon Footprint on Your Green Score™:
Your carbon footprint directly reflects your consumption behaviour across the eight lifestyle-linked categories. A higher carbon footprint indicates greater negligence and overconsumption, resulting in a negative environmental impact. Understanding your carbon footprint severity helps identify areas where changes can be made to improve your Green Score™.

Benefits and Rewards of a Good Green Score™:
A high Green Score™ indicates an individual’s excellent eco-conscious lifestyle. Consequently, individuals with good scores can unlock offers for discounted products. Currently, a good score also leads to additional Green Credit™, equivalent to real money, which can be redeemed as a direct cash reward. In the future, a good Green Score™ can provide added value to an individual’s profile, leading to benefits in education, career, finance, and government initiatives.

Improving Your Green Score™:
To evaluate your Green Score™ accurately, it is crucial to answer questions honestly and avoid manipulation. Granting access and consent to the system enables it to fetch necessary information from various sources, resulting in a genuine and improved score. The Myplan8 App provides actionable pointers to help you enhance your score. Additionally, the app’s “reduce” section offers tips from different categories to guide you in adopting alternative steps to reduce your negative impact. Offsetting your carbon footprint by subscribing to offset plans and promoting Myplan8 to others can also create a multiplier effect and contribute positively to your Green Score™.

Authenticity and Credibility of Green Score™:
Myplan8’s Green Score™ is a proprietary and patented intelligence. The authenticity of the score is directly linked to the credibility and accuracy of the data and methodology employed. Myplan8 utilizes a comprehensive and standardized methodology vetted by industry experts, considering relevant information from reputable sources. All data are verified for accuracy and completeness, and the scoring system is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure its relevance and meaningfulness over time.

The Green Score™ developed by Myplan8 provides individuals with a unique and quantifiable measure of their sustainable practices and their impact on the environment. By understanding and improving their Green Score™, individuals can contribute to a greener future while enjoying rewards and benefits. Myplan8’s commitment to authenticity and transparency ensures the credibility and reliability of the Green Score™ system. Embracing sustainable actions guided by the Green Score™ can lead to a better future for ourselves and future generations.

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