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Teachers Day: Honouring Mother Nature’s Professors!

Let’s pay tribute to Treechers (Teachers with the twist of nature) - the lungs of of our world

Key Takeaways

  • Every year we celebrate teacher's day on 5th September to commemorate one of the strong pillars in our life.
  • Just like our beloved teachers, trees teach us many qualities which can help us be pro-planet.
  • To create a rewarding and incentive-based ecosystem, Myplan8 offers Green Credits™ through subscription plans starting at just INR 99.
  • As we reflect on their teachings, let's also consider the impact we have on our environment and how we can offset it through Myplan8's innovative platform.
trees are natures true professors

Every year on Teacher’s Day, we express our gratitude to the mentors who have illuminated our paths to knowledge. This day is dedicated to the individuals who have not only imparted wisdom but have also instilled values, shaping us into responsible and compassionate human beings. As we celebrate these remarkable teachers, let’s take a moment to recognize the unsung educators of our world—the trees. Yes, you read that right! On this Teacher’s Day, we are paying tribute to the silent yet profound teachers of nature.

Patience: The Wisdom of Growth

Just like our beloved teachers, trees teach us patience. They remind us that greatness takes time to develop. Trees don’t rush to reach the sky; they take it one ring at a time, growing stronger with each passing year. In their stillness, they inspire us to build the best versions of ourselves patiently and persistently.

Resilience: Deep Roots in Tough Times

Life can be harsh, and storms will inevitably come our way. Trees teach us resilience. As they grow upwards, their roots dig deeper into the earth, providing stability and strength during turbulent times. They show us that adversity can be weathered, and with unwavering determination, we can withstand life’s challenges.

Care & Share: The Circle of Giving

Trees embody the essence of care and sharing. Through photosynthesis, they give us the very air we breathe. Their fruits and leaves nourish countless creatures in their ecosystem. They remind us that giving what we have to others, whether it’s knowledge or resources, is the key to a thriving life for all.

Design: Finding Beauty in Complexity

Nature is a masterful teacher of design. Trees, with their intricate branches and leaves, show us that beauty often lies in complexity. They encourage us to explore the details, patterns, and subtleties in the world around us. Nature’s design is a masterpiece, and we can learn from it every day.

Myplan8: Taking the Lesson Further

As we celebrate this Teacher’s Day and reflect on the invaluable lessons imparted by trees, we also have the opportunity to take action. Myplan8, a pioneering startup, has recognized the importance of understanding our impact on the environment, particularly our carbon footprint.

Offsetting Carbon Footprints with Myplan8

Myplan8’s mission is to build awareness and empower individuals to offset their carbon footprint. By addressing eight lifestyle-linked categories, Myplan8 encourages us to make conscious choices in our daily lives. It’s the first company in India to evaluate digital usage’s carbon footprint, recognizing the importance of our online activities in the carbon equation.

Trackable and Transparent Projects

Myplan8 has selected trackable projects with 100% transparency, providing precise information about location, species, and the targeted impact of each project. These projects span diverse regions, including the Sundarbans National Park, Cauvery River Banks, and various locations in New Delhi, Sikkim, Jammu and Kashmir, and more.

Green Credits™: An Incentive for Positive Action

To create a rewarding and incentive-based ecosystem, Myplan8 offers Green Credits™ through subscription plans starting at just INR 99. These credits are tied to carbon credits, registered under a carbon registry and tradable in voluntary carbon exchanges. When users take positive actions, primarily by subscribing to Myplan8’s curated offsetting projects, they earn these Green Credits™ as a token of appreciation.

Conclusion: Be a Student of Nature and Myplan8

This Teacher’s Day, let’s celebrate the wisdom of trees and the valuable lessons they teach us. As we reflect on their teachings, let’s also consider the impact we have on our environment and how we can offset it through Myplan8’s innovative platform. Just as we honour our teachers, let’s honour our planet and strive to be lifelong students of nature. Join the Myplan8 community, take action, and earn Green Credits™ as you contribute to a greener, more sustainable world. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Team Myplan8

Team Myplan8 employs cutting-edge tools and bright, helpful humans to facilitate your engagement with the environment and progress toward a better Earth. With our help, you can go from being carbon neutral to carbon positive by tracking, reducing, and offsetting.